ECRI Wireless Vehicle Calibration Device

Vehicle Model
Vehicle Unlock

ECRI Allows you to calibrate 2007+ Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator and 2009-12 Dodge Ram Trucks. Just plug the ECRI device in your OBD port (2018+ Jeeps require a security bypass be plugged in as well) and open the ECRI app to get started. ECRI allows you to view and update calibrations like tire size, TPMS threshold, TPMS disable, axle gear ratio, transfer case gear ratio and more!

  • ECRI devices are reusable on multiple vehicles.
  • Each vehicle requires an unlock, which can be purchased now or later in the ECRI app.
  • Codes purchased online will automatically be applied to your account as long as the phone number on your order matches your phone number in the ECRI app.
  • ECRI is compatible with 392 and 4XE models.


Vehicle Compatibility

2007-17 Jeep Wrangler
2018 & UP Jeep Wrangler
2009-12 Ram Trucks
Tire Size - Manual
Tire Size - GPS / Automatic
TPMS Enable / Disable
TPMS Threshold Change
Axle Gear Ratio *
Transfer Case Gear Ratio
Rubicon Swaybar Enable/Disable
Rubicon Lockers Enable/Disable
Electric Steering Pump Enable/Disable
Front Axle Disconnect Enable/Disable
Daytime Running Light Mode
Trailer Tow Enable/Disable  
Fogs On w/ High Beams
Aux Switch Panel
LED <-> Halogen Lighting Options
Rear Camera Enable
Front Camera Enable
Proximity Door Handles
Radio TravelLink & Off Road Pages

ECRI does not change any physical aspect of your vehicle, it only allows you to adjust the calibration to match the installed components.

* 4XE Models are limited to gear ratios < 4.50

Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
Scott G. (Georgia, United States)
Very user friendly

I needed it to recalibrate my speedometer for the larger tires and axle change on my Jeep wrangler JL. Very easy to use. Took maybe 5 minutes to get it done. Love the GPS speedo feature. Highly recommend

Kasem H. (Haifa, Israel)

ECRI Wireless Vehicle Calibration Device

Robert B. (Florida, United States)

ECRI Wireless Vehicle Calibration Device

Carl F. (New Mexico, United States)
What I was looking for!!

This was perfect to program my tires to exact size. I did not know the speedo changed so much with tire wear. Added bonus was enabling rear camera and more.

Robert M. (Tennessee, United States)
Great product

Purchased a used Jeep wrangler and noticed the speedometer was showing I was going faster than it showed by about 4 miles per hour. Saw a video about it and decided to spend the 94 dollars. Glad I did very easy to use and was shipped very fast and came with a code for one car.. Problem fixed in about 5 minutes