ECRI Wireless Vehicle Calibration Device

Jeep Model
Vehicle Unlock

ECRI Allows you to calibrate 2007+ Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator.  Just plug the ECRI device in your OBD port (2018+ Jeeps require a security bypass be plugged in as well) and open the ECRI app to get started.  ECRI allows you to view and update calibrations like tire size, TPMS threshold, TPMS disable, axle gear ratio, transfer case gear ratio and more!

  • ECRI devices are reusable on multiple vehicles.
  • Each vehicle requires an unlock, which can be purchased now or later in the ECRI app.
  • Starting with app version 1.7.1, codes purchased online will automatically be applied to your account as long as the phone number on your order matches your phone number in the ECRI app.
  • ECRI is compatible with 392 and 4XE models.


Vehicle Compatibility

2007-17 Jeep Wrangler
2018 & UP Jeep Wrangler
Tire Size - Manual
Tire Size - GPS / Automatic
TPMS Enable / Disable
TPMS Threshold Change
Axle Gear Ratio
Transfer Case Gear Ratio
Rubicon Swaybar
Rubicon Lockers
Electric Steering Pump
Front Axle Disconnect
Daytime Running Light Mode
Trailer Tow  
Fogs On w/ High Beams
ECRI does not change any physical aspect of your vehicle, it only allows you to adjust the calibration to match the installed components.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
MAX R. (Illinois, United States)

For the price seems to fit what I needed. Took several attempts to get everything set up correctly. Still about 4 mph of from GPS Pegram.

John W. (New Jersey, United States)
Great device, some quirks.

The ECRI accomplished everything I needed it to. Tire size: check, TPMS change: Check! There were a couple of hitches though. GPS tire size calibration is buggy. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. They're not kidding when they suggest that a driver not be the person to manage the app while calibrating, but you also don't want just anyone doing it. While I didn't run into this, it seems like there needs to be an interlock to prevent pushing a program while the car is in gear. The engine will stop during a reprogram, so if your passenger hits the wrong button while you're driving you may be in trouble. Also, whenever I push a recalibration, I get a Service code and a check engine light that can't be manually cleared. You've got to wait for the Jeep to clear the code on its own. It's not clear whether the code is related to the bypass module, though I expect so. This is where documentation (not a forum or website) would be handy.

J.C. (California, United States)

Went from 3.21 gearing to 4.88
Speedo calibration was a wiz and added high beams with fog lights too for off roading. Great product. Easy to use.

Mike M. (Michigan, United States)
Great tool at a Great Price

Really enjoyed the GPS Speedometer calibration tool to properly find my new tire size (they rarely if ever are the exact size as claimed). Recalibrating for my new gear ratios was a snap with the ECRI. Glad I made the purchase.

Awesome product

Great product, great price, great customer service. Thank you