About Us

My name is Kevin Wyas, creator of ECRI. After working in the automotive industry for nearly 20 years, I was amazed at how difficult programmers were to use and how expensive it was to buy a scanning tool that could program multiple vehicles.

It was this lack of accessible, easy-to-use programmers that inspired me to sell my business and create ECRI. Two years later, I'm excited to get ECRI launched and working for all types of car owners.

ECRI is a patent-pending technology allows you to program a potentially unlimited number of settings on vehicles wirelessly via the ECRI app, something no other programmer can do.

One of the most exciting parts of developing ECRI was having full control of the design, development and production.  I assembled a team of American workers to create ECRI.  I was told several times that it was a bad business decision to make electronics in America and that I could hire offshore freelances at a fraction of the price.  When design and data are sent to foreign countries, it is nearly impossible to monitor and ensure that information is in good hands.  By buying ECRI, you are supporting the idea that Americans can make great products and that you do care about how your data is handled.